Goal Digger

Graduation season is in full effect & it has me feeling super nostalgic! Goals are my thing! I love setting them, inevitably reaching them, and setting some new ones. Before I understood how life really worked and God’s caring sense of humor, I had everything planned out. I’d be married, master’s having graduate, with babies by the tender age of 25! HAHAHA how funny! 

Life happened fast and it didn’t go as planned, but I’m thankful for my goals. Getting my master’s degree was always a part of my goals so it could set me up for my future in HR. Getting my master’s degree was a HUGE goal of mine and walking across that stage just a few weeks after giving birth was one of the best feelings ever! 

I worked so hard for that degree. My reality was I was working full-time, pregnant, and had a 2-year-old at home. Don’t ask me how I made it; it was seriously through the grace of God. Remembering what it was like staying up late to do homework, write papers, and study. All while attending to a toddler; What a time!

Goal digger. I thought that time in my life was difficult, but I made it. And I continue to set goals over and over again. I find joy in resetting the bar for myself. I think I can teach my boys a lot about resiliency and dedication. I’ve been told that I am very determined & that is true. I believe I’m wired like this because I got to see my mother come to this country from Sierra Leone, West Africa with nothing and make so much out of her life. She worked her ass off for the career she wanted and deserved. She taught me how to be a goal digger! 

With three babies and always feeling like I have no time, my goals look a little different these days. I still set them, reach them and scratch them off my list. I love this about me and I’m thankful God made me this way! I learned so much about myself while I was working on my master’s; more than I may actually ever have the words to express. But I am thankful, to say the least.

I’m here to sprinkle this Black Girl Magic everywhere I go, one goal at a time. I ain’t saying she a goal digger, but she sets a new one that’s even bigger✨

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