Stop. Growing. Up.

– A mom who can’t take it

So, this happened pretty quickly. One day, I was pregnant and ready to be a first-time mom, and then I received papers to get Zaiden registered for kindergarten. WOAH!! Where did the time go, Zaiden? How’d you grow up so fast? 

I’ve seen my son mature so much over the last few years. This kid is so amazing! The sweetest big brother ever! But, I’m so happy-sad! I can’t lie, I was told time flies, but I thought I had more time. The older he gets, the more I see him growing independently, without me. While this is amazing, it’s also so sad. A sad reality that he’s growing up. While I hope he’ll always need me, I’m realizing it won’t be that way for too long. 

We are in a stage where he needs me, of course, because he’s five. However, whatever he needs and can do himself, he does. Again, I’m so happy-sad!! I want him to be my baby and at the same time watch him turn into a grown man – only my mamas will understand the craziness! 

My boy, my first born, how did we get here so fast? Kindergarten registration is upon us & I’m so proud of the little man you are. This year to shake off the nerves for Pre-K, every morning we do daily affirmations together. I usually say the first 2-3 and let Zaiden pick the last one. Last week, we were going through the motions and I said “Zaiden, what’s going to be our last one?” He said, “Hmm.. I’M A STAR ⭐️” 

We counted to three and said, “I’m a star.” We were both so happy; not happy-sad.

I knew he was special before this moment, but hearing him say that on his own solidified it. I pray he never loses his confidence. So, how’d we get here so fast? I’m not sure, but we’ve grown together so much over the past 5 years. I’m thankful for all the seasons we’ve been through and the seasons to come- because we’ll have each other. 

Although today I’m happy-sad, I know the older he gets, the more this feeling will resonate with me (maybe more happy) at times.

I’m thankful I’m Zaiden’s mom. Getting to raise such an amazing boy is one of my greatest joys! The days are long, but the years are short! Don’t blink, they grow so fast! 

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  1. How is he five?! Ugh he’s so big now but such a beautiful boy and you’re doing such a great job loved reading this! We always need our mamas just not always in the same way ❤️

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