Saturday Morning

Saturday morning. The day I look forward to. Every. Single. Week. I dream about what Saturday is going to be like. I know my babies will wake up extremely early, as they do every Saturday morning. Yet, I still allow myself to dream that the entire house will sleep in until 10 am and I’ll finally feel well-rested. 

Saturday morning. Finally, a chance to slow down. No need to rush or move fast. Saturday mornings bring me joy. I appreciate the chance to move a little slower & take it all in. During the week, I feel like I don’t get that chance because there is so much going on: work, drop-offs, pick-ups, dinner, and the list goes on. 

My favorite part of Saturday morning is our family tradition of making and eating breakfast together. Nothing major, but something that me and my family look forward to every weekend. It’s a time to eat well and really set the pace for some good, quality time as a family. 

My husband is usually the one to deliver a bomb breakfast meal! The man is gifted in the cooking breakfast department and we are all thankful for that! I found myself taking Saturday mornings for granted. I realized, once Zaiden’s basketball season started and we lost some of those Saturday mornings, just how precious Saturday mornings were to me. Those same Saturday mornings that gave me a chance to stop and breathe now left me feeling like I felt during the rest of the week: drained.

Growing up, Saturday mornings were completely different! My Sierra-Leonean mama didn’t play. We already knew the drill. You’d wake up to the loud music and know that it was time to clean up. Yup! Every. Single. Saturday. Shout out to my mom, though, I’m a very clean woman because of her! 

Saturdays have always been important and always will be. I always feel like if the workweek had one more day, I wouldn’t be able to make it. I’m thankful the weekends come and, although, they go by super fast, I’m so happy I have my Saturday mornings to enjoy.

Oh, Saturday morning, thank you for what you bring to me and my family. Looking forward to Saturday mornings will forever be a thing. I appreciate how Saturday mornings have changed through the years and the various seasons. As my boys grow up, our Saturday mornings will be different; routines will change… One thing is for sure: I will continue to cherish every Saturday I get to love on my family and be all about them. Also, my hubby making bomb breakfast will always be a thing on Saturday- no matter what. 

Happy Saturday, Everyone 🤎


Janelle Billy 

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