The Big Birthday Surprise!

Now that birthday season has officially ended in the House of Billy (literally from September – January: birthday celebrations!), I’d love to share about my 30th birthday surprise for Denzel!

As I’ve shared before, I am very much so Pro-Birthday’s; I love EVERYTHING about them! I am just all about celebrating life and making sure those around me know how thankful I am for their lives! My birthday joy is pretty infectious, I mean to everyone EXCEPT my husband. He can literally do without it. The only person who has NOT caught my pro-birthday bug, hahaha.

When it comes to his birthday, I try to tame myself, but I don’t always do so well. This year was big for him. He turned 30 and I made it my sole mission to give him the best birthday ever! My secret, I literally studied him. I listened, took notes and made sure I could give him everything his little heart desired!

So, you want the secret to providing the BEST birthday to your significant other? … Say Less! 

For me, the idea came from a friend who celebrated her husband’s big birthday with gifts for 30 days. Honestly, that was a bit too much for me, so I tweaked it. Denzel’s birthday is on January 15th and I decided if I gave him two things a day (15×2=30)!!! Yes, quick math! And just like that, I had my sauce!

Now to details of making 15×2 a reality. Literally Pinterest has some of the best ideas (this is not an ad, though, lol). I knew that I didn’t want to go broke and I wanted a mixture of gifts. I decided a simple way to implement the 2nd item would be a handwritten note/card every day to go with the gift.

I looked back on my notes I had secretly stored away and started buying gifts and so it began! Everything pretty much came together, and I could not wait for January to come around!

I knew that on New Year’s Eve, we’d stay up and tell each other Happy New Year! That was also the perfect time for me to let him know what was about to happen for the next 15 days! He was so shocked!! I was so happy I could do something this thoughtful for him.

Heres’ my daily gift guide and the cheesy card:

Day ONE: I wrote him a one-page letter explaining what was going to take place over the next 15 days

Personal Note: Here is the first out of the best 15 days of your life! The next 15 days are all about you! Love you!

Day TWO: A bottle of D’usse (very smooth cognac!)

Personal Note: 30 looks good on you, if I D’usse so myself! (Shoutout to Jay-Z!)

Day THREE: Crocs

Personal Note: You knock me off my Crocs!

Day FOUR: Mason jar filled with red airheads (his favorite flavor!)

Personal Note: Hey Babe! Just dropping by to let you know I’m Air-Headed for you!

Day FIVE: 4 $10 gift cards to his favorite restaurants for lunch! (Wingstop, Raising Cane’s Chick-Fil-A, and Topical Smoothie)

Personal Note: Here’s the true way to your heart, enjoy these!

Day SIX: 5lb bag of Albanese gummy bears (the best gummy bears ever!)

Personal Note: Any time away from you in unBEARable!

Day SEVEN: 2 Patriots sweatshirts

Personal Note: Turning 30 is a huge touchdown! Here’s to scoring the best birthday!

Day EIGHT: 4 different “Open When” letters. Very thoughtful. Google or look on Pinterest for letter ideas. Check out my Pinterest board here.

Personal Note: This one took some time and is super thoughtful, only “open when” it’s truly time.

Day NINE: Surprise photo shoot of just the two of us! He had no idea until the babysitter showed up that we were even going anywhere. I also had to bring our high school letterman jackets because – I LOVE nostalgic moments; it’s 14 years later and they still fit…for now lol.

Personal Note: I love you & can’t wait to show you what 30 looks like!

Day TEN: A 10 pack of Funyuns Frito-Lay chips

Personal Note: You are all that, & a bag of chips!

Day ELEVEN: Crown Apple (another smooth drank!)

Personal Note: You are the king of my world (2nd to God), Here’s your crown!

Day TWELVE: Gift bag filled with Hershey’s Kisses

Personal Note: We are getting closer to the big day. Here’s something to help you kiss your 20’s goodbye!

Day THIRTEEN: New Nike sneakers

Personal Note: You are always running through my mind. Here’s some help!

Day FOURTEEN: 30 Reasons WHY I LOVE YOU jar

Personal Note: This one is from the heart; I hope you truly enjoy it.

Day FIFTEEN: “The grand finale” PS5, Apple Watch and the new Spider-Man Game!

Personal Note: I bought you all the expensive stuff you want but won’t buy. Happy 30th Birthday Babe!

The last thing I did was had his office decorated (with assistance from his co-workers). Party city had a 30th birthday office décor kit for like $15!

OKAY!! I admit, I did A LOT, I know! But it was so worth it! Every reaction video and picture truly show just how happy he was and how loved he felt!

This is doable for anyone!! You just have to plan and study your partner. They randomly say things that can really turn into the best gifts! Just listen.

I hope you found some great ideas on how you can celebrate the love of your life for their significant birthday!!

If you need help, I will gladly do that! Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions!!

Marriage isn’t always easy, but choosing to love someone, YOUR someone, always is.

“Love never fails.” 1 Corinthians 13:8 NIV

I’m thankful for that.

Love, Janelle

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